Arty Baby est une performance longue durée qui confronte la procréation à la création. Il s'agit d'offrir de nouvelles représentations et pratiques de la conception, ou revisiter d'anciennes visions, de sorte à ce que chaque parcours et chaque enfant puisse trouver sa place dans le panthéon de la vie. ENGL Arty Baby is a long duration performance that uses creation for procreation, and inversely. It aims to open new representations and practices of the conception - or visits again old visions, so that each individual pathway and each child can find its place in the pantheon of life.

Douces tétées is a keeprecords of the daily baby 's feeds. It aims to follow the range of this repetitive action, that takes about 8 hours a day (and nigth), and that is colored by the thougths, emotions and the "daily program" of the mother. IN PROGRESS

La donneuse is body-work’s duet (Anne-Dolorès Marcélis – Meldy Ijpselaar), interrogating, through movement, the question, for a woman, to have a baby from a woman-donor. More infos

Arty Hardly Having a Baby - 3-9 january 2018 & Interhuman fecundation - 9-11 march 2018 - residencies More infos

NEXT PROPOSAL Witnessing /interweaving Mama-baby relation - residency. August 2019-August 2020. More infos