In the beginning was the word and the word was god.
In the beginning was the headless soft-bodied worm.
In the beginning was a desire for a child.

Arty Baby is a long duration performance that uses creation for procreation, and inversely. It aims to open new representations and practices of the conception - or visits again old visions, so that each individual pathway and each child can find its place in the pantheon of life.

Several artists have been contributing to this performance, investigating these proposals : -The conception of a child as a creative act (Ignacio GALLILEA – Spain/Belgium (Painting / performance) -- Going out of the couple in dance forms (Meldy IIPSELAAR NL-BE (Art in public space / sensorial art / women and art) -- The “contexts” : to generate, here and now, trans-generational communities of mutual care. (Dante Morisson, USA-Belgium, designer of self-managed nomad tribes) - The body (« An open mind is not necessary an open body »). (Benjamin Ibry Bernstein IT-GB (Embryologie / Body-Mind Centering) -- The earth in rotation and in reproduction : dances of conception, whirling dervishes, art life process. Marie Close BRESIL-US-BE (Life Art Process / danse).- AMP : To conceive at the hospital with the medical team. (Léa Ricovert, BE (Textile creation / performance) -- “Les mots pour le dire ». The vocabulary of procreation (Julie Simon, BE (arts plastiques / scenography) -- The Birth : why is the « natural reproduction » has became so difficult ? (Koen V. BE (body therapist / poet) -- The choice of the father : close relative donors, anonymous donors, the place of the father. (Ophélie Mac, Guadeloupe-BE, Performance / movement). -- Conception between light and shadow – sound and light creation. (Flaminia V. IT-BE (dance / voice and body) -- Give birth to the world : a mother-woman and creator. Aurélie, FR-BE, Physical theater) -- The donation. Male and female donors, mother, father : from the logic of substitution to the one of multiple coupling : having a baby from more than two (Anne-Dolorès Marcélis, Historian / dancer and performer)