Interhuman fecundation Residency – 9, 10, 11 march 2018 - call for Male performers

This call inscribes itself in “Arty Hardly Having a Baby”, a long-term performance that investigates possibilities of having a baby out of the traditional couple. It aims to offer alternative visions of giving life, when the “natural set” (man/woman in couple) is not available. Working on new “sets” to give life has also an impact about how we mean to form the society.

Naming this project a performance says our will to place the process in the artistic prism: we are here interlacing procreation and creation, going from one to the other. Creating and procreating are communicating and talking to each other. Performers are free to navigate between both cores, letting uncertainty attracting new lives, or not.

For this residency “Interhuman fecundation 9, 10-11 March 2018”, we are specifically looking for male performers. This residency prolongates the first residency “Arty hardly having a baby” (3-9 january 2018), where we collected words, talks and actions of 7 women-performers.

There is no charge for performers, either no payment.

Supported by Camping Town Brussels and Artpotheek.

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